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What is an App Framework?

In today’s fast-paced digital world, the demand for software applications continues to soar. In fact, Statista states that in 2022, consumers downloaded 255 billion mobile apps to their connected devices. With this anticipated for even further growth, where relevant, it is imperative that your business is set up to cater to this consumer group. This is where app frameworks come into play.

An app framework, also known as an application framework, is a pre-built software structure or set of tools that provide a template for application development. Typically designed for a specific purpose or platform – or both – app frameworks provide a foundation for the development of apps with common functionalities, libraries, and components.

The benefit to businesses? Frameworks can significantly reduce the time required to develop apps.

Why choose the Separate Reality App Framework?

The Separate Reality App Framework, which is designed to accelerate app delivery for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), allows us to create app-based delivery mechanisms for iOS and Android. It has been developed by harnessing decades of industry expertise and technical experience and is used by customers spanning the globe and in a breadth of sectors.

If you need a quick-to-market app tailored to your company’s needs, then the Separate Reality App Framework is the solution.

Here are a few of the benefits of using our App Framework…


Our App Framework incorporates an atomic component design to facilitate maximum code reuse, accelerating development speed and ingrain quality. The pre-built components mean our developers don’t have to create the same foundation for each project, saving them valuable time and allowing them to focus on making the specific functionality you need.

This means we can develop your enterprise app quickly and accurately allowing your organisation to respond swiftly to ever evolving and changing market demands.


Whilst there will be costs to customising and building your app, the time and resources saved during initial development often make utilising our app framework a much more cost-effective alternative to building an app from scratch.  When you include the low-cost of change inherent to our framework the long-term benefits far outweigh an in-house build.


Our Framework is built for change and can be customised to meet your company’s specific requirements, providing flexibility while still benefiting from a structured app development approach. For example, the apps can be tailored to your customer journey, accentuate your USP, and reflect your brand.

Best practice

Frameworks ensure that the app has a consistent structure throughout, no matter the developer or the time at which it is developed.

Refined over many years, our App Framework harnesses the best practices in app development and user experience. For example, our App Framework incorporates helper utilities which have been built up over years of enhancement and iteration. The framework also inherently comes with multi-language and theme support and the capability to switch language or theme in real time.

In addition, our App Framework has been rigorously scrutinised and thoroughly tested which means you can be confident in its quality.


The apps developed with our framework plug seamlessly into the SR-SSB, our advanced middleware integration platform, and its exposed API to create an integrated and centralised digital solution.

Our App Framework, Web Framework and the SR-SSB, as well as our plugins and apps, allowed us to develop a branded and compelling self-care solution for Progresif’s customers and promote the company as a market disruptor and innovator. Read the case study here >


The flexibility of our product stack, from our apps to our SR-SSB, means that they can easily be scaled up with your business as and when you need it.


To summarise… Using a framework streamlines app development making it both cost-effective and efficient. In addition, it provides a consistent foundation for building robust, maintainable, and scalable applications in line with industry best practices.


Digital transformation consultancy

At Separate Reality, we pride ourselves on delivering a seamless digital experience and a strong, tangible return on investment for our customers. From defining the requirements and strategy for your app through to implementation, our team of experts can guide you every step of the way.

What’s more, we offer aftercare for all our solutions. This includes proactive maintenance agreements to support the mobile apps we develop for you, ensuring that regular third-party software and hardware updates are tested and optimised. This guarantees that your app stays up to date and remains compatible with evolving technologies.

In addition, we can monitor app store feedback and analytics to ensure customers receive the best possible experience throughout the lifetime of your app.


Contact our expert team to learn how our App Framework can benefit your business.


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