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Separate Reality has more than 20 years’ experience providing seamless digital experiences through our range of innovative finance software, apps, frameworks, a digital payment solution, point of sale and call centre solutions.

Fintech companies from fund managers to digital banks can increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, heighten user experience, and obtain important customer insight with our transformative digital solutions and expert consultancy.

Our product stack of cost efficient, low risk service software solutions drive a digital-first customer experiences, which accommodates all your customer touchpoints and business processes, while leveraging your existing systems to save you from the costly and lengthy process of changing your architecture. This means that if you want to create a digital platform in which your customers can manage their account, pay bills, purchase additional services, speak to one of your advisors, to name but a few applications – our product stack can help you.

At the core of our product stack is our advanced integration platform, the SR-SSB, which connects diverse systems through one easy to use and unified middleware platform. Customisable to meet the specific requirements of your business, the SR-SSB offers a range of business focused capabilities. This includes eCommerce, a comprehensive product catalogue with a built-in rules engine, templated outbound communications, customer preferences management, business intelligence and data caching.

Consumers can manage their own accounts quickly and simply with more personalised products, while you can manage your customers and sales more effectively by utilising the available integrated data and intelligence. This can result in significantly reduced operational costs and increased customer loyalty and retention. An investment for the long-term, these functionalities can easily be plugged in or switched within the SR-SSB, in line with the evolving needs of your business, meaning you benefit from low cost of change.

Finance Software

The flexibility of the SR-SSB, as well as numerous apps and portals mean we can support you whatever your business goal as a FinTech company. Whether it is reducing call centre operations, streamlining your process and systems, or advancing from a legacy approach to a fully digital-driven, centralised customer experience which enables you to be nimble and provide a better and faster service than your competitors.

We understand that the finance and fintech sectors are heavily regulated and therefore our team of experts keep their fingers on the pulse of not only the technology industry, but also the latest trends and regulations of the finance industry. This means you can be confident that our solutions will add tangible value to your business and enhance your customer experience, all in line with industry best practice.

We work with global organisations of varying size from start-ups to established organisations. Our clients include Optus, Comverse, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, IBM, Orange, Vodafone, Foxtel, VADSA and Progresif.

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