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Our digital services and solutions have been developed harnessing decades of industry expertise and are trusted by a breadth of organisations globally.

From communications and media providers, utilities companies and healthcare organisations, to digital banks, and fintech and insurtech SMEs, our software can benefit any organisation that wants to be at the forefront of digital transformation, without the costly investment of changing architecture. As investments in digital commerce continue to grow and companies adapt to new business models and sales processes, it is crucial that companies embrace digital transformation. Our goal is to provide our customers with a seamless digital experience; not only does our innovative product stack drive a digital-first customer experience but we offer extensive support and expert consultancy to guide you through your digital evolution.

At the forefront of our products is the Separate Reality Smart Service Bus, the SR-SSB, our advanced integration platform which enables you to have the digital channels you want whilst capitalising on your existing backend assets. The SR-SSB is deployable with either a full set of off-the-shelf apps and portals that can quickly be rebranded to fit your needs or as a headless platform which allows you to create your own eCommerce presence. The apps not only reflect your brand, but the SR-SSB also leverages your existing system infrastructure helping you manage the cost of change. The SR-SSB provides increased revenue through online purchasing and given the ease and low cost of change, it also fosters business innovation and improves customer satisfaction at the same time as reducing costs.

Separate Reality has a full digital product stack which works with and complements the SR-SSB. This includes point of sale solutions, app framework, web framework, portals, call centre solutions, and an off-the-shelf payment solution known as SR-Pay.


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