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Our Transparent Pricing Strategy for Your Digital Transformation

Separate Reality offers a transparent pricing strategy for all our products and services.

We operate a pay as you grow model where the license structure consists of a base license and base software support element; and then a subscriber-based model. The subscriber-based model is banded so that as the number of subscribers grow the rate decreases resulting in a lower average license expenditure per subscriber as the operator increases its customer base.

Our subscriber bands are charged at a standard rate per month with each subscriber band having its own rate. A transparent pricing model, we calculate subscriber numbers based on the number of subscribers per service line. However, subscribers who use more than one service line are only costed once.

Pay as you Grow

Ideal for start-ups and SMEs, the benefits of the pay as you grow model are extensive and include:

  • You only pay for what you need – no more, no less.
  • Price only increases in line with your growth – protecting your bottom line.
  • Our solutions are accessible at all scales and to business of all sizes.
  • The software can easily be scaled up with your business as and when you need it.

License & Support Fees

License Fees

The licenses for the SR-SSB platform, frameworks portals, apps, and SDKs incur a base software licence fee.

Support Fees

We offer a range of support options to our customers, from base support through to managed services. Our support costs are based on the level of support you require, the technical level of your teams, and the functionality of your solutions We are happy to provide cost outlines, in line with your business needs, in our proposal to you.

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