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Deploying the SR-SSB Headless Software Solution

A popular option among clients who have internal development teams or want to reuse their existing software assets, is the SR-SSB Headless solution.

The SR-SSB Headless is the standalone deployment of our advanced integration platform. This option gives you the flexibility to integrate your own apps and capabilities that you may have developed to fit specific company requirements.

The headless deployment exposes a rich RESTfull API that is as intuitive as it is functional, enabling developers to easily navigate the complex customer-account structures embedded into the OSS/BSS, as well as performed eCommerce type transactions through the shopping basket paradigm.

Fully documented in accordance with OpenAPI (OAPI) specification the APIs used in a headless deployment of the SR-SSB, can make full use of a wide code generation and validation utilities from Java or Python to ReactJS or Swift to name but a handful.

You can find more information on the SR-SSB here.

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