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Separate Reality offers a set of off-the-shelf web portals that, with some light rebranding, are ready to be deployed for your business. All of our portals have been developed in the Separate Reality Web Framework and plug directly into the SR-SSB to provide you with a centralised digital solution.

Our portals have been designed so that they can easily be tailored to the needs and applications of businesses in any sectors. Our portals can range from a Digital Signup Portal allowing prospect customers to sign up and get a SIM card delivered in the post, to the more complex consumer-focused portal where the customer logs in and performs common self-care tasks such as purchasing items, modifying their account details, reporting their device or SIM as lost, damaged or stolen, to a full B2B portal for business customers where they can manage their organisation hierarchies, work with approval chains, and create cost-centres.

Our portals are adapted to meet the needs of your organisation and therefore can vary greatly in terms of scope, some may cover 5-10 use cases while other more complex portals may meet as many as hundreds of use cases.

In essence our web portals can vary greatly in terms of scope and complexity – get in touch to find out how they can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.

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