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App Development

If you require app development, the Separate Reality App Framework allows us to develop app-based delivery mechanism, for iOS and Android, quickly and cost-effectively.

The apps that are created with this framework plug seamlessly onto the SR-SSB and its exposed API, to create an integrated experience for your user.

If you need a quick to market app which is tailored to your business’s needs, then the Separate Reality App Framework is the solution. The App Framework incorporates an atomic component design methodology to facilitate maximum component and code reuse which accelerates development speed. In addition, the frameworks are rigorously scrutinised and tested which means you can be confident in their quality.

Our App Framework includes helper utilities which have been built up over years of refinement and iteration and are in place to make developers’ lives easier. The framework inherently comes with multi-language and theme support and the capabilities to switch language or theme in real-time.

You can find more information on the SR-SSB here or contact our team for more information on how our App Framework can benefit your business.

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