Seamless Digital Experiences that empower your customers

Today’s customers expect relevant content in relation to what they’re doing anytime, anywhere and in the format and on the device of their choosing.

Put simply, it’s about changing the way a business interacts with its customers and how they provide their customers with a consistent experience whenever and wherever they need it.

The companies that do transform digitally are creating highly engaged customers.

Research shows that highly engaged customers buy 90% more frequently, spend 60% more per purchase, and have 3x the annual value (compared to the average customer). Source: Rosetta Consulting Study.

With over 15 years of experience, we can help your company achieve this, by securely connecting systems, apps, devices and people in ways that let you innovate new services and offers in order to engage more customers and extend the reach of your business.

We can provide omni-channel seamless digital experiences for all complex business operations, especially telecoms, media, finance, insurance and utilities.

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  • Enables monetisation of back end systems

    Enables monetisation of back end systems

  • Built to grow with your business

    Built to grow with your business

  • Engineered for low-cost, low-risk innovation

    Engineered for low-cost, low-risk innovation

  • Geared to deliver rapid return on investment

    Geared to deliver rapid return on investment

  • "Separate Reality provided a software solution that has helped Progresif develop a strong infrastructure that will help us to monetise our back end systems quickly and efficiently. The solution acts as a catalyst for the development of a range of solutions from a ride booking service to a mobile wallet to an e-ticket supplier. Separate Reality has proven themselves as a trusted strategic partner who work diligently to add value to our business."

    Devin Edwards
    Chief Marketing Officer
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Enabling seamless digital experiences

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We provide specialist consultancy, software and support to deliver seamless digital experiences for our clients.
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We provide seamless digital experiences for businesses across the globe which empower their customers,
reduce costs and increase revenue.
Our journey to find the perfect balance for Mobistar

Our journey to find the perfect balance for Mobistar

How we found the perfect balance between business needs, user experience and cost-effectiveness to define a product-driven solution for over 4 million customers.
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2.5 million customers, 10,000 miles, one delighted client

2.5 million customers, 10,000 miles, one delighted client

How we revolutionised the customer management experience for a leading Australian TV services provider.
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How we applied big thinking - and a big solution - to one of the USA’s biggest suppliers of internet services.
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Read some of the ideas, problems and solutions we think about.


A dedicated team with wide technical expertise and deep understanding of client systems.

Separate Reality is a highly innovative software development business that works with clients across the globe. Its mission is to develop seamless digital experiences that empower and benefit both businesses and their customers.

It was set up by managing director Nick Jennings in 2002. Nick graduated in engineering from Durham University and gained a masters in industrial software design and implementation with the University of Paris VI (UPMC).

He worked in Paris and London applying his knowledge of software engineering principles to aircraft simulators, health-care, pharmaceutical and HR systems.

Since founding Separate Reality, Nick has focused on transforming the self-service and portal market used by telecoms, media and finance organisations resulting in huge advances in user UX, CRM and billing systems.

Separate Reality has recruited and trained a dynamic R&D team that delivers ground-breaking projects around the world, including in Australia, Brunei, Mexico, USA, Guyana, India, Albania, Belgium, UK.

In addition to the highly skilled technical team, the business development of Separate Reality is supported by the financial acumen of Malcolm Simpson, who was responsible for the growth of Greggs from a local bakery to a major FTSE company with £500m turnover, and the marketing expertise of Jill Simpson, who has handled accounts for Diet Coke, Tesco and Visa.

  • 2002

    Separate Reality incorporated

  • 2008

    Designed and deployed consumer shop portal for Virgin Mobile

  • 2011

    Integrated new billing software for Foxtel in Australia

  • 2012

    Created portal for Verizon business customers across the USA

  • 2014

    Implemented new self-care solutions for customers of Mobistar in Belgium

  • 2019

    Work starts on Mobile Virtual Network Operator for VADSA, major telecoms business in Mexico

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