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Separate Reality has a set of pre-cooked service apps that with only slight rebranding are ready-to-go.

Our apps meet a breadth of uses cases – all of which provide real value to our customers. These range from consumer apps to agent apps which allows sales representatives in shopping malls sign up customers.

All Separate Reality apps have been developed with our App Framework and plug directly into our advanced integration platform, the SR-SSB. This unified approach enriches the relationship a customer has with you, enables them to undertake digital self-service, and increases the average return per user.

Our off-the-shelf use cases have been honed by years of market trend analysis and provide high value to our clients. As an example, for our telecoms clients, capabilities have included donating data to a family member (gift) to exchanging unused texts for more data (swap).

You can find more information on the SR-SSB here or contact our team for more information on how our apps can benefit your business.

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Our software transforms businesses large and small, across a breadth of industries.

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