Digital Payment

Digital Payment Solution

An e-commerce widget, SR-Pay is our off-the-shelf digital payment solution which can plug directly into your website and can connect to our advanced integration platform, the SR-SSB.

A plug and play solution, SR-Pay was created to further bolster the functionality of the SR-SSB. With SR-Pay, customers can use the full capabilities of the SR-SSB to pay for external goods using any of the payment options embedded in the SR-SSB platform, from credit cards or cash to their account balance or data balances.

The SR-SSB, and the supporting plugins, have been designed to adapt to meet our customer’s requirements and deliver a digital-first experience for their end users, regardless of industry or application. With the addition of SR-Pay, your customers can use the SR-SSB to pay for items using their mobile account balance or even at a convenience store/corner shop using a generated cash barcode. This means your customers can pay for your products or services at the touch of a button, regardless of location. The applications are extensive!

SR-Pay is a fully PCI compliant solution.

You can find more information on the SR-SSB here or contact our team for more information on how our digital solutions can benefit your business.

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