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Separate Reality has more than 20 years’ experience developing innovative digital solutions including insurance software, apps, frameworks, a digital payment solution, point of sale and call centre solutions.

A trusted partner for the long-term, Separate Reality provides seamless digital experiences that empower and benefit both businesses and their customers.

At the heart of our product stack is our advanced integration platform, the SR-SSB. Which, alongside our bolt-ons, allows us to create a unified experience which is tailored to your customer journey and business processes, all while leveraging your current systems. The SR-SSB can plug into your systems, whether a payment gateway or a billing system, to present them as one through a single unified API on which other system can connect.

Designed to meet the unique needs of your business and your customers, in line with the regulations and best practices of the insurance industry, the SR-SSB offers a breadth of business focused capabilities. This includes eCommerce, an extensive product catalogue with a built-in rules engine, templated outbound communications, customer preferences management, business intelligence and data caching.

Our product stack caters to all your customer touchpoints and can strengthen and monitor all digital interactions they have with your business. This can enable you to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, enhance user experience, and gain important customer insight. Whether you want to create a digital platform in which your customers can manage their account, pay bills, purchase additional policies, or speak to an agent, our product stack can help you.

Our solutions not only add value to your business and boost your customer experience, but they have low cost of change and can reduce your call centre operations – saving you valuable time and money.

Our digital solutions deliver tangible benefits to our customers around the globe, both large and small. Our clients include Optus, Comverse, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, IBM, Orange, Vodafone, Foxtel, VADSA and Progresif.

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