Call Centre Software

Call Centre Software

Solutions for Customer Interaction

Separate Reality offers a Call Centre Solution which can be swiftly and seamlessly deployed into your call centre – regardless of the nature of your business.

To provide your customers with a cohesive and interactive experience, and your agents with a streamlined service process, our Call Centre Solution plugs directly into the SR-SSB to interact with your customer data and business processes. In addition, flows are conversation-driven allowing your call centre staff to communicate fully with the customer in a natural and engaging manner as opposed to a rigid pre-defined screen-by-screen flow – further strengthening your customer interactions.

The Call Centre Solution can be integrated with a number of common IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions which can be used to direct customer calls to the right department or agent and can even pre-populate the agents’ screens with relevant information ahead of them speaking to the customer. This, combined with the finely tuned flows and processes in our Call Centre Solution, has been shown to reduce call handling times by up to 35%, as well as greatly reducing agent training time – saving your business valuable time and money.

You can find more information on the SR-SSB here or contact our team for more information on how our Call Centre Solution can enhance your customer interactions.

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