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Case study: Progresif

As a Brunei-based telecommunications provider, Progresif’s goal is ‘to provide the people of Brunei the wonders of the wireless world – always, effortlessly and competitively.’ However, in 2015 there was no facility in Brunei for people to top-up their mobile phone credit online. Instead, the only option was to queue – sometimes for hours – in a shop. Progresif wanted to significantly grow its customer base and chose to disrupt the market and digitalise the mobile top-up experience.

To deliver this project, Progresif chose Separate Reality for our extensive experience in digital self-care and customer-care solutions, as well as our technical expertise.

The Separate Reality solution

When combined, the SR-SSB and SR-App Framework, enables customers to leverage their existing OSS/BSS infrastructure and deliver high quality self-care apps with tailored user journeys and multiple languages to engage with customers to foster growth and encourage loyalty. With short delivery time frames, quick mobilisation and a low cost of change, the solution ticked all the ROI criteria Progresif was looking for. Plus, we gelled well with their teams, and it was clear we would work well together.

An enhanced ESB, the SR-SSB connects diverse systems into an easy to manage single API, with customer management and reporting built in. The single API then allows apps and portals to be delivered in total freedom on any OSS/BSS quirks so that users don’t feel they are using ‘just another app’ and operators can give their customers exactly what they want with a clear roadmap of future features.

The SR-App Framework and SR-Web Framework accelerate the delivery time frames and ensure changes are quick and cost effective to deliver, therefore enabling operators to keep in-front of the competition by a mile.

The SR-SSB, our App Framework, our Web Framework, as well as our plugins and apps, allowed us to develop a branded and compelling self-care solution for Progresif’s customers and promote them as market disruptors and innovators.


Here’s how our product stack helped Progresif…

The SR-SSB can be tailored to connect to multiple back-end systems, including separate pre-paid and post-paid billing systems as well as specific payment gateways. This gave us the flexibility we needed to leverage their existing OSS/BSS and allowed Progresif to select best-of-breed components for their ‘missing pieces’ at reasonable prices. Progresif didn’t have to go down the costly route of starting from scratch.

The SR-App Framework let us create a user-friendly application, with multiple language options, that enabled customers to view balances, top up and pay bills easily. It gave customers more control over their interaction with Progresif and it allowed Progresif to put its brand in the pocket of many Bruneians. This led to reduced operational costs for Progresif, as less staff were needed to process payments; an increase in transactions as top-up became easy; and a reduction in late bill payments because payments could now be done online.

ARPU increased in a matter of months. There was also a huge increase in customer base and Progresif cemented itself as an
innovative leader in the market. To further enhance the customer experience and grow the trusted relationship with Progresif, the SR Product Catalog and Rules were tuned so that customers were only offered products for which they were eligible. In essence,
the catalogue determines what a user can buy, and the programmed rules dictate how a user can purchase. The catalogue, which contains items from multiple back-end systems from billing to charging, drives which back-end systems are spoken to as well as when and how they speak to each other – all through configuration! Automating the e-commerce experience means that when a transaction is made it will communicate with the relevant back-end system and make sure everything is compatible.

We also linked our solution to an East Asian global bank’s (BIBD) mobile wallet – a first for a telecom company in Brunei – enabling customers to pay their mobile bills, top-up and purchase add-ons from within the bank’s app. We delivered a plug-in widget to the bank and they simply used their software team to wire it in.

In addition, to open up valuable new marketing channels for Progresif, the SR solution allows operators to send in-app tailored marketing messages and promotions to customers, as well as push notifications to keep them up to date with their account status. The additional data gathered by the system – and the direct means of contact with customers – enabled Progresif to precisely tailor communications. For Progresif, this resulted in more efficient upselling and cross-selling of products and services.

The beauty of the SR-SSB is its flexibility; new back-end systems can be easily added or swapped with no impact on other components, and front-end elements can be changed quickly – making it easier for Progresif to continually innovate and disrupt the market. This capability proved vital when Progresif transitioned to an MVNO as we had to re-wire from a Huawei OCS to an Ericson OCS – it took three weeks to reconfigure and was a simple overnight switch (in the catalogue) so that there was zero disruption to service.

The agile nature of both the SR-SSB and SR-App Framework also enabled us to expand Progresif’s service offering from only mobile to a triple play offering of mobile, broadband and media. Not only did Progresif have the first triple play offering in Brunei, but it was also the first to venture into the media streaming business.


A strong return on investment

Our solution delivered a strong ROI for Progresif and helped the company to deliver its vision. As the SR-SSB connected with Progresif’s existing systems – including its legacy systems – the company was able to transform its digital architecture without the need to immediately replace or upgrade systems.

The powerful e-commerce capability delivered by our solution benefits both Progresif and its customer. It means that customers can easily top-up online without having to commit time to physically visiting a store and queueing; it frees up staff in store to focus on upsell rather than top-up; and operational costs are reduced with simplified bookkeeping and better invoice management. It also tightens the window for late payments as the self-care app can push through the payment of bills on time, for example through
direct debits or standing orders.

What’s more, our solution is an investment for the future as it is cost efficient to maintain and allows Progresif to easily innovate and adapt, all at a low cost of change and low risk. As Brunei seeks to establish itself as a forward-thinking IT player, we were also asked to help promote interest in IT throughout the country via hackathons and interactive talks. Using the Separate Reality integration platform as a base, we conducted hackathons nationwide, encouraging innovation and learning.


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