Smart Portals

Empowering customers and staff

All the smart portals we develop use our dedicated integration platform ‘Platform 8®‘ and proprietary data structures within it to help isolate from systems upgrades, reduce the cost of change, increase the life time of the solution and provide the best possible return on investment.

Examples of our smart portals include:
Public web browser portal and device apps for customers – This enriches the relationship a customer has with their provider, enables them to manage themselves and increases the average return per user for the operator.
Protected web browser portal for sales shop staff – This is geared for upselling. It is integrated with shop tills to help drive new customer acquisition and retention of existing customers through good service.
Private web browser portal for call-centre staff – This is geared for efficient order processing, payment and troubleshooting. It improves customer service, decreases call processing time and reduces operational costs.

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