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A smart app is a smart investment

Increase revenue, reduce costs, improve sales and customer satisfaction, enhance user experience, and gain valuable customer insight all with our effective and advanced digital offering.

We deploy highly innovative software solutions and provide digital consultancy services to organisations around the world. Using our digital product suite and our many years of hands-on experience, our mission is to deliver seamless digital experiences that empower and benefit businesses and their customers.

We create affordable, engaging, and effective user experiences for both consumers and staff alike, where they can sign up, make changes, provision, and interact quickly and simply whenever and wherever they want, whether they’re using a desktop portal, smart technology or phoning a call centre.

So, if you’re looking for a trusted and knowledgeable partner for your digital evolution, then you can count on Separate Reality!


Our Apps

Our apps have been honed by years of market trend analysis and provide high value to our clients. They interact at a deep and powerful level with your back-end systems to ensure the optimum customer experience is always delivered.

Our apps provide positive customer experiences tailored to your brand and your business needs. What’s more, because they are simple and quick to use, they not only engage the customer but reduce costly queries to call centres.

A prime example is our call centre app for Foxtel which reduced call handling by 35% and with 2.5 million subscribers, that saved valuable time and ultimately increased revenue.


Our Web Portals

Harnessing our decades of industry experience, we have designed our portals to be agile and intuitive, this means that they can be tailored to your customer journey and touchpoints, offer a low cost of change, and provide the best possible return on investment.

Our portals are adapted to meet the needs of your organisation and therefore can vary greatly in terms of scope and complexity. Some may cover 5-10 use cases while other, more complex, portals may meet as many as hundreds of use cases.

Examples of our portals include:

  • Public web browser portal and device apps for customers – this enriches the relationship a customer has with their service provider, enables them to manage their account and increases the average return per user for our client.
  • Protected web browser for sales shop staff – this is geared for upselling. It is integrated with shop tills to help drive new customer acquisition and retention of existing customers through good service.
  • Private web browser portal for call centre staff – this is designed for efficient order processing, payment and trouble shooting. It improves customer service, decreases call processing time and reduces operational costs.
  • Private device apps and portals for operational staff – often specific to the requirements of the operator, this allows the consumers’ relationship to be managed as a whole. For example, call-out engineers can manage appointment schedules.


Why use Separate Reality’s Apps and Portals?

Our apps and portals:

  • Deliver engaging and seamless UX to support your business in acquiring and retaining customers.
  • Are available as a standalone product or they can plug directly into our advanced integration platform, the SR-SSB, to provide you with a centralised digital solution.
  • Can be tailored to meet the needs of your business.
  • Can be provided as off-the-shelf solutions which are ready to go with only slight rebranding, providing you with a swift solution.
  • Enable tailored communications with consumers resulting in up/cross-selling of products and services.
  • Are adaptable and easy to maintain, promoting a low cost of ownership.


Contact our team to find out more about our apps and portals and how they can help your business.

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