Enabling Seamless Digital Experiences

Integration Platform

PLATFORM 8® is the culmination of years of expertise and experience in software engineering in order to provide omni-channel seamless digital experiences for all complex business operations, especially telecoms, media, finance, insurance and utilities.

It is a platform that enables you to connect anything with everything without compromising the security of your operating and business support systems (OSS/BSS). It securely connects systems, apps, devices and people in ways that let you innovate new services and offers in order engage more customers and extend the reach of your business. Any apps from media streaming to e-shop to e-tickets to interactive voice response (IVR) to booking management can be connected through the platform to help amplify brand presence. It is low cost, low risk and long lasting and can be used to monetise all of your customer data.

The business benefits are huge because PLATFORM 8® is so adaptable. It can lower further development costs by providing a long-term platform that delivers the vision for your app/portal strategy. It is very easy to evolve and can be used to react quickly to the market via innovative plug-ins and apps.

10 reasons to love PLATFORM 8®
  1. Fast
  2. Enables monetisation of back end systems.
  3. Scalable
  4. Highly transactional
  5. Ultra-high security
  6. Easy entry and easy implementation
  7. Moves from complexity to simplicity
  8. From language specific to language agnostic
  9. Designed by developers for developers.
  10. Open API Specification (OAS)
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