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Our Advanced Integration Platform

Transform and optimise your digital ecosystems with our dynamic and innovative software, the SR-SSB.

Developed harnessing decades of industry experience, the SR-SSB connects diverse OSS/BSS systems into an easy-to-manage middleware platform, streamlining your processes and unifying your customer experience.

A flexible omnichannel experience, SR-SSB is fully customisable to meet your needs. It encompasses all aspects of your customer journey, from eCommerce to subscription management to bill analysis, as well as sign-up, point-of-sale and campaign management. It can plug into as many systems as you have, representing it as a single unified API through which all your front-end assets can connect.

Explore the benefits of the SR-SSB …

  • A digital-first customer experience – The SR-SSB has been augmented with business-focused capabilities all of which have been created to add real value to your business. This includes user experience acceleration technologies as well as an extensive and powerful product catalogue.
  • Maximise on your existing systems – You can swiftly and efficiently connect your existing applications, transforming your digital architecture without the need to immediately replace or upgrade legacy systems. The result is a solution which leverages your existing systems and protects investments whilst quickly delivering new capabilities, allowing you to disrupt the market.
  • Low cost of ownership – An investment for the long-term, the SR-SSB is designed to evolve with your business. New back-end systems can be easily added or swapped with no impact on other components, and front-end elements can be changed quickly – all at a low cost of change.
  • Scalable – The SR-SSB is available on a pay as your grow basis, which means you only pay for what you need. Not only does this protect your bottom line, but the flexibility of the SR-SSB means it can easily be scaled up with your business, as and when you need it.

… And many more!

Find out more about the extensive capabilities and benefits of the SR-SSB here.

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